Building Regulations are statutory legal requirements to ensure the minimum standards are achieved to secure the health and safety of people in or about buildings. These also deal with Energy Conservation, sustainability and zero carbon and deal with a variety of other issues such as access and facilities for people with disabilities.
Building Regulations are legal requirements aimed at achieving adequate standards of building work for the construction of most types of building including domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. 
They are laid down by Parliament (Please read Communities and Local Government on and are supported by separate supplementary technical documents on compliance, which are known as 'Approved Documents'. View Approved Documents on planning portal
Unless you have a reasonable knowledge of building construction, when planning building work we recommend that you seek professional advice from an architect, Building Surveyor, or a plan drawer and also choose a recognised builder to carry out the work.
The Building Regulations cover most building work such as new building, extensions or alterations to an existing building, new windows, walls, roofs etc. For more information see Do I need Building Regulation Approval or Interactive House on planning portal
Remember that Building Regulations consent is completely separate from Planning permission and approvals under the Town and Country Planning Legislation. The granting of approval under either does not give consent under the other. In some cases only Building Regulation approval will be needed and sometimes only Planning permission, although in most cases both will be required. For more information and seek advice at an early stage you can either contact us or contact your local planning department using the links provided.